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Wuhan Biwofeng Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd is a provider of environment treatment solutions, engages in industrial wastewater treatment and urban black and odorous water treatment. The company was established in July 2010 and was listed on the Q board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2014.

Since the establishment, it has always adhered to the three-in-one model of "scientific experiment, production and sales, and engineering practice" to provide customers with assured services. The company specializes in organic wastewater treatment such as chemical, pharmaceutical, papermaking, printing and dyeing, and food fermentation.

After years of engineering practice, we have accumulated rich experience in the treatment of high-concentration refractory wastewater, and formed a complete water treatment technologies. The core technologies are A/O biofilm biochemical treatment process, magnetic separation technology and magnet coupled Uv Advanced Oxidation Technology. On this basis, the company has independently developed innovative technologies and materials.

At present, it has obtained two invention patents, and has been put into production, sales and engineering practice; and for the treatment of urban black and odorous water bodies, it has specially developed efficient, fast "in vitro dialysis technology" - supermagnetic separation water purification system. It is believed that with the promotion and use of these technologies, it will definitely bring a leap-forward technological revolution to the water environment treatment industry.